Training session for Wipro

Wow! what an eventful and exciting pre-training session we had. We were joined by Joe Arnold and over the course of few hours we discussed good presentation skills and how to be effective communicators. However, after we had a chance to demonstrate the training material and presentations – we discussed whether we were ready for the presentation in light of the view that it would comprise managers and senior managers. The whole course of Scrum implementation at Wipro would be affected by what we say and teach. We decided to discuss the same with organizers and Wipro and after our discussion we decided to go go ahead with the presentation.

We arrived in Hyderabad by a KingFisher flight [delayed by an hour] and checked into the hotel. I quickly organized the presentation again and was ready on the dot for the departure to Wipro office. Wipro office was about an hour from our hotel. Once we reached there we had to get routine check ups like laptop clearance etc. We thought this could have been organized better and someone could have been there to receive us. But so far so good. We were ready before 9:00 AM – the scheduled start time for the presentation. I started the session and keeping in mind what we discussed yesterday, literally cruised through the initial session till tea. Informal feedback at tea suggested we were doing well. Srinivas then explained mechanics of Scrum and we then broke for Lunch at Wipro canteen [massive canteen must say]. Post Lunch we did the role play and finally concluded an eventful day. We broke off sharp at 5:00 PM.

Some of the questions the audience had for us were easy to answer and some not so easy. The next post will discuss some of these.


3 Responses to “Training session for Wipro”

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  2. Neha Wadhwa Says:

    I wish to enroll myself for summer training(June-July) from your renowned company.

    so please guide me away and help me out
    I’ll be highly obliged…

    Thanking you.

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