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Scrum Training at Mobile Manufacturer and Software Major in Bangalore

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Another 01 day training session at Bangalore. This one is at a mobile manufacturer and software major situated on Maratahalli Road.

The 01 day training focuses on Scrum – Fundamentals of Scrum. I have envisaged covering the following modules:

Background and Introduction to Scrum

Introducing Scrum Framework : Ceremonies

Introducing Scrum Framework : Roles

Introducing Scrum Framework : Artifacts

Rolling out Scrum

As far as feedback from fellow presenters is concerned, they say the company uses Scrum and “knowledge” of Scrum is high. Implementation level pangs exist primarily from role of Scrum Master, Performance Evaluation and Product Management. I will try and address them in this session. I hope people join the training session to learn rather than just for the certificate.

Scrum Training at an Electronic Major’s Office in Bangalore

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I will be conducting a 1-day Fundamentals of Scrum Overview at an Electronic Major’s office in Bangalore very soon. The topics I plan to cover are:

1. Introduction to Software Development Approaches and Goals
2. Overview of Scrum
3. Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Burndown Chart
4. Chicken and Pigs
5. Product Owner, The Team and Scrum Master
6. Planning and Estimating
7. QA Activities

The problem while planning a course is that you plan for more than what can be covered. I will try and see if the experience of Training at Wipro, can be used. I still need to connect with them to find out their expectations. But I can’t wait to get to Bangalore again.

P.S. I might need a separate discussion on the Nokia Test, as this is an electronic major after all.

Scrum-India Yahoo Group

Posted in Course Assistance, Public Speaking with tags on March 12, 2008 by vikramadhiman
I moderate the Scrum-India Yahoo Group founded by Pete Deemer. If you would like to join the group, please go the group URL To sign up for the Scrum-India group without having to go through the full Yahoo! registration process, just click the button below that says “join this group”, and then on the web page that loads, look for a link at the bottom that says “join the mailing list instead”– click that and you would be subscribed.

The group will be a place to Meet other people using Scrum, at product companies and services companies, big and small. Primarily, the group would answer questions you would be hesitant to ask in bigger groups. Some of the topics that would be discussed in the group include:

  • Scrum and fixed-bid contracts,
  • Scrum and CMMi,
  • Reporting business metrics in Scrum,
  • Techniques for Agile planning and estimation,
  • Introduction to Scrum,
  • Product Backlog,
  • Product Owner,
  • IT Services and Scrum,
  • Advice on organizational change.

Biweekly posting of Scrum events throughout India would be posted as well.

Questions and Comments during Training at Wipro

Posted in Course Assistance with tags , , on December 30, 2007 by vikramadhiman

We discussed how our training session went at Wipro in our previous post on training in Wipro. Some of the questions that people asked us were:

  • Who assigns the tasks in a Scrum framework?
  • Why is collecting data on which task took what time not important?
  • Is Scrum compatible with CMMi?
  • How do we do testing in Scrum?
  • How to balance teams in multiple locations within Scrum?
  • What to do with various artifacts and analysis documents?

Most of these were answered satisfactorily within the constraints of time available. We will be exploring these further in future posts. Links to other sources for these answers are being provided for immediate reference in this post:

  • Who assigns the tasks in a Scrum framework?
  • Why is collecting data on which task took what time not important?
  • Is Scrum compatible with CMMi?
  • How do we do testing in Scrum?
  • How to balance teams in multiple locations within Scrum?
  • What to do with various artifacts and analysis documents

Training session for Wipro

Posted in Course Assistance with tags , , on December 21, 2007 by vikramadhiman

Wow! what an eventful and exciting pre-training session we had. We were joined by Joe Arnold and over the course of few hours we discussed good presentation skills and how to be effective communicators. However, after we had a chance to demonstrate the training material and presentations – we discussed whether we were ready for the presentation in light of the view that it would comprise managers and senior managers. The whole course of Scrum implementation at Wipro would be affected by what we say and teach. We decided to discuss the same with organizers and Wipro and after our discussion we decided to go go ahead with the presentation.

We arrived in Hyderabad by a KingFisher flight [delayed by an hour] and checked into the hotel. I quickly organized the presentation again and was ready on the dot for the departure to Wipro office. Wipro office was about an hour from our hotel. Once we reached there we had to get routine check ups like laptop clearance etc. We thought this could have been organized better and someone could have been there to receive us. But so far so good. We were ready before 9:00 AM – the scheduled start time for the presentation. I started the session and keeping in mind what we discussed yesterday, literally cruised through the initial session till tea. Informal feedback at tea suggested we were doing well. Srinivas then explained mechanics of Scrum and we then broke for Lunch at Wipro canteen [massive canteen must say]. Post Lunch we did the role play and finally concluded an eventful day. We broke off sharp at 5:00 PM.

Some of the questions the audience had for us were easy to answer and some not so easy. The next post will discuss some of these.

Training at Wipro

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I and Srinivas Chillara, are scheduled to conduct a one day introductory course in Scrum on behalf of GoodAgile at Wipro Hyderabad on December 20. Here is a brief context of the training – “The training is for managers and senior managers who work with the Microsoft ODC. Microsoft has been claiming that its moving towards Scrum and consequently the team at Wipro working on MSN websites and other projects need to understand Scrum. As per our initial conversation, they are also using Microsoft Solution Framework for Scrum.”

The first conversation with Wipro employees [before the training] leaves some questions in mind, which we hope to get more clarification on when we visit their campus:

  • Why is the Scrum implementation tied to a tool that Microsoft has developed?
  • How would the team react to rigorous restructuring of their role especially as the audience would comprise managers and senior managers?
  • How would we structure our course for managers only and given the constraint of only one day?

We plan to organize the session with an introduction to background/ implementation/ success of Scrum followed by mechanics of Scrum and finally discussion on sprint retrospectives and reviews. Are we prepared? We have lots of material on hand. We also have a one day pre-training session with Pete Deemer a day before the training. At least I am excited more about the pre-training session rather than the session itself.


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goodagile is the most active organization imparting Scrum training, CSM courses and Scrum coaching through out Asia and particularly Asia. The firm has been founded by Pete Deemer.

You can view the upcoming courses on the website.

If you would like to discuss Scrum coaching/ training for your organization, you call email Pete directly at

P.S. I work with Pete assisting him for Scrum trainings across India.

CSM Course – Day 2 Review

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Wow! what an exciting day. The CSM course at Bangalore [or Bengaluru] saw participation from employees of Siemens, Chordiant, Nokia and Accenture along with many others,. The group comprised mostly of senior managers and hence, we saw focus more on issues like metrics, measuring productivity and quality.

The day started with my session. I took exactly 35 minutes to wrap up my session. And it went really well. If first day was 5/10, next would be 9/10 easily. I felt confident and flowing. I narrated stories and situations rather than just some theory mumbo jumbo and when done felt ever so confident. Through out the day I helped conduct planning poker and other games. We shared a wonderful Lunch.

And at the end, got a number of Linked In contacts and business cards 🙂

Great going and excited to go back to Chandigarh to tell my colleagues about the course and the experience.

CSM Course – Day 1 Review

Posted in Course Assistance with tags , , on November 19, 2007 by vikramadhiman

The day 1 of CSM [Certified Scrum Master] course has ended. The course was conducted at ISTA Hotel, Bangalore. I was to reach the venue at 8 AM and reached there only at 8:45 AM – thanks partly to Bangalore’s notorious traffic as well as no one in area knowing where the hotel was located. When I finally did reach there, I was almost terrified of facing Pete [well I did not have his phone number of hotels phone number handy – mental note, do it next time around]. However, he was genuinely concerned if I would make it or had I got stuck. After a cup of tea, he explained me my role.

We set up the course room well enough. Two wonderful hotel attendants helped us for that. I organized the training attendance and labels and waited for attendees to come. Once they were there, I explained them purpose of the course as well as showed them various things they could do before the course commenced – provide feedforward on what topics they would like covered in more detail, check out washrooms and whether there would be tea breaks etal. This helped me get a personal rapport with most attendees [but not all :p]. We started the course at 10 AM sharp. After I introduced myself, I immediately went to organize the first tea at 11:15 PM as well as help attendees who had not yet signed in. I pitched in on two occasions till Lunch and after Lunch almost entirely spent practising my session. My session started at 5 PM and till 5:45 PM, I covered potentially shippable code. I did a pretty lousy job of it with only some good things in between. And worse of all, I could not complete my section and Pete had to schedule part of it for tomorrow.

After the first day, I and Pete sat down for drinks and he explained me what I did well. And he had a pretty long list of things. He also told me things I could try tomorrow. Throught out I felt, he was not judging me but just helping me do better. This was very encouraging. I went back to my room and thought over things. I gave up all practice and just went ahead to get a good night sleep. Afterall, tomorrow is another day.

CSM Course Assistance at Bangalore

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I will be assisting Pete Deemer with the conduct of CSM Course in Bangalore from December 19-20. I will do work like help manage attendance, breaks and organize hands on trainings. In addition I will conduct a small 1 hour module on potentially shippable code as well. Its going to be my first time in Bangalore and second time at a CSM course. Am I excited? Well yeah! However, anxiety is more the over-riding emotion at this stage. Pete is a tremendous presenter – thorough yet engaging, and there is never a dull moment in his course. It would be a good exposure and learning experience. Lets see how it goes.