Training at Wipro

I and Srinivas Chillara, are scheduled to conduct a one day introductory course in Scrum on behalf of GoodAgile at Wipro Hyderabad on December 20. Here is a brief context of the training – “The training is for managers and senior managers who work with the Microsoft ODC. Microsoft has been claiming that its moving towards Scrum and consequently the team at Wipro working on MSN websites and other projects need to understand Scrum. As per our initial conversation, they are also using Microsoft Solution Framework for Scrum.”

The first conversation with Wipro employees [before the training] leaves some questions in mind, which we hope to get more clarification on when we visit their campus:

  • Why is the Scrum implementation tied to a tool that Microsoft has developed?
  • How would the team react to rigorous restructuring of their role especially as the audience would comprise managers and senior managers?
  • How would we structure our course for managers only and given the constraint of only one day?

We plan to organize the session with an introduction to background/ implementation/ success of Scrum followed by mechanics of Scrum and finally discussion on sprint retrospectives and reviews. Are we prepared? We have lots of material on hand. We also have a one day pre-training session with Pete Deemer a day before the training. At least I am excited more about the pre-training session rather than the session itself.

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