CSM Course – Day 2 Review

Wow! what an exciting day. The CSM course at Bangalore [or Bengaluru] saw participation from employees of Siemens, Chordiant, Nokia and Accenture along with many others,. The group comprised mostly of senior managers and hence, we saw focus more on issues like metrics, measuring productivity and quality.

The day started with my session. I took exactly 35 minutes to wrap up my session. And it went really well. If first day was 5/10, next would be 9/10 easily. I felt confident and flowing. I narrated stories and situations rather than just some theory mumbo jumbo and when done felt ever so confident. Through out the day I helped conduct planning poker and other games. We shared a wonderful Lunch.

And at the end, got a number of Linked In contacts and business cards 🙂

Great going and excited to go back to Chandigarh to tell my colleagues about the course and the experience.


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