CSM Course – Day 1 Review

The day 1 of CSM [Certified Scrum Master] course has ended. The course was conducted at ISTA Hotel, Bangalore. I was to reach the venue at 8 AM and reached there only at 8:45 AM – thanks partly to Bangalore’s notorious traffic as well as no one in area knowing where the hotel was located. When I finally did reach there, I was almost terrified of facing Pete [well I did not have his phone number of hotels phone number handy – mental note, do it next time around]. However, he was genuinely concerned if I would make it or had I got stuck. After a cup of tea, he explained me my role.

We set up the course room well enough. Two wonderful hotel attendants helped us for that. I organized the training attendance and labels and waited for attendees to come. Once they were there, I explained them purpose of the course as well as showed them various things they could do before the course commenced – provide feedforward on what topics they would like covered in more detail, check out washrooms and whether there would be tea breaks etal. This helped me get a personal rapport with most attendees [but not all :p]. We started the course at 10 AM sharp. After I introduced myself, I immediately went to organize the first tea at 11:15 PM as well as help attendees who had not yet signed in. I pitched in on two occasions till Lunch and after Lunch almost entirely spent practising my session. My session started at 5 PM and till 5:45 PM, I covered potentially shippable code. I did a pretty lousy job of it with only some good things in between. And worse of all, I could not complete my section and Pete had to schedule part of it for tomorrow.

After the first day, I and Pete sat down for drinks and he explained me what I did well. And he had a pretty long list of things. He also told me things I could try tomorrow. Throught out I felt, he was not judging me but just helping me do better. This was very encouraging. I went back to my room and thought over things. I gave up all practice and just went ahead to get a good night sleep. Afterall, tomorrow is another day.


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