Agile Management – What is it? Is it Different?

Does Agile Management require different skills than normally expected in non-Agile environment? Probably.

Does Agile Management require different skills than ones that will make a project successful? Certainly Not.

Lets see what is Agile to start with:

  • Develop in small increments [provide value early, get feed back early],
  • Focus on individuals and their interactions [make it fun, easy and great to work together],
  • Get customer involved [early feedback, early delivery, course correction] and,
  • Inspect, adapt and change rather than perish
This is what efficient project management should be focussing on anyways. It is useful to visualize Agile Project Management as “Good Management Practices”. Some posts where I blogged about this include Business Alignment over Engineering Features, Agile Metrics, Managers in Agile, Should Managers Worry about Coffee Breaks, Business View – Learning and Evolution and  Taking Everyone Along.
From what I have read, heard, seen, discussed and experienced, I think there are 05 rules of good management [or management if you prefer]:
1. Focus on outcomes, objective and what you want done [destination]
2. Explain clearly what paths you do not want to be taken with the reason and get everyone’s buy in for that [know where to draw the line]
3. Maintain positivity, enthusiasm and stay in the background [don’t be source of melancholy or threat]
4. Understand each member of your team, their aspirations and try and enable them to do what they would enjoy doing the most [you can manage only what you know]
5. Make team work important, valued and fun [teams can get more done than an individual – most of the time]

2 Responses to “Agile Management – What is it? Is it Different?”

  1. In my opinion, Agile Management is simply applying some common sense and the guiding principles behind agile to management. You may be interested in a post I wrote recently (

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