Managers in Agile

One of the challenge and opportunity that transition to Agile presents for most organizations, is to redefine how we manage things [and we saw in last post – how difficult it can be] and importantly the role of a manager.
Well, below is a general outline of some of the things managers do in their current roles:
  • Do code reviews
  • Define tasks
  • Assign tasks
  • Track tasks
  • Firefight
  • Make MS Project Plan
  • Make Excel Reports
  • Talk to the customers
  • Give feedback to team members
  • Recommend appraisal of team members
  • Promote team members
  • Give presentations
  • Train people
  • Write case studies
  • Write white papers
  • Work with other teams
  • Provide technical leadership
  • Provide process leadership
  • Provider marketing leadership
  • Do HTML coding or other housekeeping work
  • Keep customer happy
  • Read about technology and trends
  • Make usage projections
  • Improve company bottomline
  • Recommend engineering practices
  • Control attrition
  • Interview and hire
  • Provide status updates
There can be more depending on which organization do you work with. All that is needed is to come up with all the tasks that you do and cross out ones you should not do in Agile. Assigning and tracking tasks are obvious ones to go. There are many above that can be crossed. After this, investigate if any more things should be added to the mix. Thats it – you have a great new JD for a Manager. CMMi – here we come 🙂

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