Review : Agile Conference at NCR

I started for the conference at NCR from Chandigarh at about 10 AM on 7th. I had hired a taxi and ASCI, was kind enough to sponsor the to and fro fare. We reached Delhi at around 4 PM and it took us one hour to reach Green Park and another 04 hours to reach Ansals Institute – the conference venue. The problem was as usual traffic. The new toll bridge does not seem to have worked. I sometimes wonder how life would have been without it, if its so difficult with it. Needless to say, Gurgaon at night is quite a sight but no greenery makes it a very dry city. I reached the campus and immediately slept.
Waking up early on 8th, I rearranged my presentation and slides and got ready and went to the venue. By the time, Pete was already speaking. I have listened to Pete many time and as usual he was in his elements. After Pete and some tea, I saw Naresh, president of ASCI, speaking for the first time. He is a good speaker. After that I attended Shreekanth from Sabre’s talk on Distributed Development. It was a decent talk as well. After that I attended two talks back to back : Jagdish Shri’s talk on CMMi and Agile as well as Deepak from Intelligrape’s talk on Metrics for Agile Projects. Both were brilliant. Finally, it was my turn and I was able to complete only half of the content I prepared [mental note: keep presentation short]. After my presentation, the open space was held where I went for “Is India suited for Agile”. Interesting comments were made for and against the motion. Not sure, if we concluded anything.
Overall, the conference was a good start, although not sure why it was on 5th floor when a ground floor venue would have allowed use of parks and open spaces. However, a great start.

2 Responses to “Review : Agile Conference at NCR”

  1. Nice review Vikram. Just wanted to point out the the talk on Agile Metrics as presented by Deepak Mittal, IntelliGrape and not Mayank.



  2. Thanks Deepak for point out.

    I really enjoyed your presentation. You made a good case and I am sure CMMi folks at my company would be delighted!

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