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Review : Agile Conference at NCR

Posted in Public Speaking with tags on March 8, 2008 by vikramadhiman
I started for the conference at NCR from Chandigarh at about 10 AM on 7th. I had hired a taxi and ASCI, was kind enough to sponsor the to and fro fare. We reached Delhi at around 4 PM and it took us one hour to reach Green Park and another 04 hours to reach Ansals Institute – the conference venue. The problem was as usual traffic. The new toll bridge does not seem to have worked. I sometimes wonder how life would have been without it, if its so difficult with it. Needless to say, Gurgaon at night is quite a sight but no greenery makes it a very dry city. I reached the campus and immediately slept.
Waking up early on 8th, I rearranged my presentation and slides and got ready and went to the venue. By the time, Pete was already speaking. I have listened to Pete many time and as usual he was in his elements. After Pete and some tea, I saw Naresh, president of ASCI, speaking for the first time. He is a good speaker. After that I attended Shreekanth from Sabre’s talk on Distributed Development. It was a decent talk as well. After that I attended two talks back to back : Jagdish Shri’s talk on CMMi and Agile as well as┬áDeepak from Intelligrape’s talk on Metrics for Agile Projects. Both were brilliant. Finally, it was my turn and I was able to complete only half of the content I prepared [mental note: keep presentation short]. After my presentation, the open space was held where I went for “Is India suited for Agile”. Interesting comments were made for and against the motion. Not sure, if we concluded anything.
Overall, the conference was a good start, although not sure why it was on 5th floor when a ground floor venue would have allowed use of parks and open spaces. However, a great start.

Agile Conference NCR

Posted in Public Speaking with tags on February 12, 2008 by vikramadhiman
I will be presenting at Agile Conference – NCR. The topic I selected was “Agile Collaboration Schemas”. It would an interesting event. Currently, the presentation is being peer reviewed by Guido and Priyanshu from Xebia.
I will post the abstract submitted for the conference in my next post.