Next Group – Session IV

The session started of on a low key note. We had to phone two participants to remind them that we are having a session. Another participant was ill and could not make it to the office that particular day. And yet another participant [especially when he happens to be the CTO] had some urgent work and was not be able to attend the session. However, the session picked up pace primarily because of its relevance to the developers directly. We talked about the Engineering Excellance in Agile teams – shared code, evolutionary design, unit testing and refactoring. Over the last session that we had conducted for the first session – we included some more information on unit testing – especially the NUnit framework and some more examples of code refactoring. The key idea seems to have gone down well. The participants were aware getting to an understanding of what “done” means and how these practices affect the estimation.

After the session, we identified responsibilites for each individual and asking the participants to take back the knowledge from the session to their teams and report/ interact next week on their experience. It would be fun next week.


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