Sessions Restructuring

Some important scenarios have taken place with the sessions this week.

1. We have decided to stop using the polls for gathering feedback. We would rather talk to individual people one on one to get a feel of what they think and what problems/ issues they face while implementing SCRUM. We started with two developers this week and plan to continue with others next week.

2. The first batch who were continuing with the communication/ team building sessions – completed their sessions. There is no concrete result out of the batch. One of the developers has left. Only two of the participants are trying out SCRUM in their teams/ projects. All others are sitting and waiting for things to happen.

3. The Next Group or the second group is also completing their 4 sessions.

We have tried to restructure the participants for the next sessions. The dot.Net developers/ managers would attend on session and the other session would be probably a hybrid of all other participants. We would be allowing time for some participants from the first session to understand, grasp and implement their projects using SCRUM. And will come back with advanced sessions for these developers in future. Hence, what we would be having would be two sessions – one is the Next Group [with two participants from first group attending sessions with this group] and another a totally fresh batch where sessions would start all over again.


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