Progress Update – I

The last week was an exciting one. Not only were we able to wrap the sessions on SCRUM for the first batch but an assessment at the end of the coaching [comprising of objective type questions and a group exercise] made us understand that everyone has grasped the fundamentals well. Now is the chance to build on this.

Two projects have already started using SCRUM. However, we see them facing problems like customer interaction, communication, backlog construction, allocating work tasks and people who took the training taking it on themselves to implement SCRUM [and in the process becoming like project managers of the yore]. Hence, the skills training is very important for the group. This will inculcate the right approach to issues like client interaction, team communication and positivity. After these sessions are over, the group also needs to understand the agile estimating and planning approaches. However, we would allow them to experiment for a while so that when they come to the next sessions – they understand the context of the discussion.

However, there are also cases where we have not been able to implement SCRUM and this is primarily within the two teams. We need to check what we can do about these cases in the next process group meeting.

Apart from this, we have also institutionalized the HTML training for the developers. The worrying part is that this request did not come from the developers themselves and was identified by the management. The good part is that at least a mechanism for training has been institutionalized and a vision for the process includes advanced XHTML training as well. The very fact that we need to tackle the issue of synchronizing team training times – means we are suddenly seeing trainings and exchange emerge as an item with high frequency and we need to now organize this.

And finally this was also the week when we first discussed the idea of Process Audits. More on this later.

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