Next Level for SCRUM Masters

I have been thinking over the past few weeks that does a SCRUM Master really need to be only a Management Guru? Does all that she need to do is to keep the SCRUM process in check? What is the career graph for a SCRUM Master? Why is this question circulating in my head is because I am myself battling demons that I am being left behind in the technology race. How long can you just enable people to make the really cool and snazzy interfaces/ scripts/ APIs without yourself wanting to be part of the action? However, one of the SCRUM rules is “only one role”. You can not take on another role in the project. However, if you continue doing only one role again and again – would you not feel stifled?

There was a Yahoo Group Discussion on this topic some times back. It seems that SCRUM Masters should then become coaches who help SCRUM Masters hone their skills. But what next? There does not seem to be any answer from what I have been reading.

However, I think we need to understand that the key idea of SCRUM is that everything is not a designation but a role and a responsibility. Every individual in the team can take turns to play the SCRUM Master. I would think that is the ideal situation and scenario. However, that means that coaching/ mentoring/ understanding is something that the whole team needs to get involved with rather than having someone coordinate this for the team. However, is that not what SCRUM is all about?

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