Post-agile or Going with the Flow

I never thought that a discussion on prioritization would make me discuss the increasing concept of post-agile in Agile community. There are 5,170,000 results for post-agile on Google alone and that tells you how high this figures in the discussions. There is even a post-agile manifesto and a website too []. The manifesto says:

1. If it works, it works

2. If it seems to work, it probably works

3. If it seems to work, it probably works and it might work again

4. If it seems to work, it probably works and it might work again [cogito ergo sum – although admittedly this is an assumption]

All of this looks nice, but does not really explain what it is. Most of this movement comes from assumptions like “Agile movement is being hijacked by Scrum and XP guys”, “There is a lot of hype about Agile”, “People are processizing Agile too much” and “You can’t know if you are doing Agile well enough or not”].

You can read more on some of these blogs:

At the heart of all that I have read about post-Agile is “Going with the Flow and Pull based Organization”. There is sometimes severe resistance to process and practices and emphasis on choosing the right team and working on their dynamics, assuming that as long as the latter is taken care of, everything will go right. I don’t disagree on this but how see the post-Agile movement is an extreme version of Agile. Hence, if software process were like a pendulum, it would swing between post-Agilists and heavy methodologists. Agile is probably somewhere in between bringing the best of both worlds and the only rest point for the pendulum. Most of what post-Agilisits say is already covered under Agile [or agile] manifesto. The heart of Agile is inspection and adaptation. If that means, doing away with process altogether and having a streamlined flow – then so be it.

P.S. In my current organization, we work in a fashion that would be akin to post-Agile, although I would want it be what would be rather Agile 🙂 Let’s see how going with the flow or pull based organization can help you achieve a different way of prioritization of tasks in the next post.

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