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Social Project Management : Is it Agile or Project Management 2.0

Posted in Agile, Project Management System with tags , on October 8, 2008 by vikramadhiman

I recently came up an interesting [but long and slightly unwinding] presentation from Leisa Reichelt who has a Disambiguity Blog. I found this interesting, especially some of the comments.

There was one comment from Guest5df20, “I’m so tired of all these people coming with this agile crap, as it is the great news of all time… All this is PMI’s and PMBOKs fault, who created a bunch of bureaucratic, inflexible and ‘my methodology is my bible’ project managers. Now we are seeing equal damage coming from those agile evangelists. When will we get back to real project management, and start focusing on getting things done?” Apart from this one negative comment, almost all the comments were positive and with the tone – Oh! How right you are [including this blog]. This just makes me think that there are many people who are still being introduced to the wonderful world of Agile and while some of us debate the larger implementation issues, many people are just happy to discover that common sense has a name 🙂