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Scrum-India Yahoo Group

Posted in Course Assistance, Public Speaking with tags on March 12, 2008 by vikramadhiman
I moderate the Scrum-India Yahoo Group founded by Pete Deemer. If you would like to join the group, please go the group URL To sign up for the Scrum-India group without having to go through the full Yahoo! registration process, just click the button below that says “join this group”, and then on the web page that loads, look for a link at the bottom that says “join the mailing list instead”– click that and you would be subscribed.

The group will be a place to Meet other people using Scrum, at product companies and services companies, big and small. Primarily, the group would answer questions you would be hesitant to ask in bigger groups. Some of the topics that would be discussed in the group include:

  • Scrum and fixed-bid contracts,
  • Scrum and CMMi,
  • Reporting business metrics in Scrum,
  • Techniques for Agile planning and estimation,
  • Introduction to Scrum,
  • Product Backlog,
  • Product Owner,
  • IT Services and Scrum,
  • Advice on organizational change.

Biweekly posting of Scrum events throughout India would be posted as well.