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Test Driven Development : Introduction by Jeff Langr

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Jeff Langr, is conducting a Free Online Webinar on Test Driven Development : An Introduction on WiZiQ. It is completely free to attend. All you need to do is sign up for free with WiZiQ.

I for one had been looking at such a webinar/ online training for a while now and it is really good to see Jeff conducting this webinar.

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Will you opt for Online Training?

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I currently work for, the premier Education Technology and Networking Application.

I also conduct a lot of trainings online [through WiZiQ] on Agile Software Development, and Marketing related topics.

I am currently researching if the age of online training/ consulting/ teaching/ learning has come? For this, I have created a survey at “Agile Training Survey“. It consists of 10 questions and will take only 05 minutes to answer. This would help me in my research and the survey is completely anonymous [so no details are needed] to participate.

I am primarily trying to understand the relation between price, technology, duration, topic and payment method for the online training sessions, classes or webinars. In case you have any other questions or comments, please post a comment or write to me.

Lean Thinking – An Introduction

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I have done an online webinar on Lean Thinking Introduction for Beginners and Dummies on WiZiQ. This presentation has been the basis for the same – I have compiled this from various sources and keep improving it when I find an example from real world experience or web, that I feel should go here. I hope you find this a useful resource for Lean Thinking Introduction.

Lean Thinking Introduction by Vikrama Dhiman

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Scrum Session Series : Introduction to Agile Software Development using Scrum by Vikrama Dhiman

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Live Free Online Public Training Session on Scrum Session Series : Introduction to Agile Software Development using Scrum by Vikrama Dhiman

Take away’s from this session:

  • Understand what is Agile Software Development
  • Origins of Scrum
  • What is Scrum?
  • Who is using Scrum
  • What can’t be solved by Scrum
  • A brief overview of Scrum Framework

I am back and how …

Posted in WiZiQ with tags , on August 20, 2008 by vikramadhiman

Hello Readers: I really do apologize for the delay in posting on this blog. I have been really busy coming to grips in a role of a product owner. However, now I am back [I know I said this last time too], but this time I would be really active – one post a week is minimum. I start with our private beta testing of Live Virtual Classroom embed. See below, for more details:

It is a perfect example of how product owners should get feedback. This private beta would allow me to test the application using a Web 2.0 approach and get back to the team with further upgrades [if any]. You can email me the feedback at vikramd at wiziq dot com

This embed was a marketing driven priority feature and done on priority. I would address how was this conceived and brought to private beta stage under one month in my next post.

A New Job

Posted in Change, WiZiQ with tags , on June 23, 2008 by vikramadhiman

Its been slow on this blogs front for a while now [2 months now]. This is because, I have recently joined a growing Internet Product Company, as a Product Manager. This is a great opportunity for me. As a Product Manager, I would be the marketing teams interface with development team. I would have a team of marketing people working with me and I will work with them to identify the customers real needs. We will develop as per the priorities in the market and this is a real exercise in me to become a product owner. Already I am grappling with issues like prioritizing the tasks – identifying the best process to complete the tasks in a weeks time [our sprint time] and defining the releases. I am also working with Internet Marketing team, Marketing team and Support team. An all rounded exposure would provide me a great experience to becomes a Gen-Next Product Manager.