About Agile Diary Blog

Agile – when I first stumbled on the world, I was struck by mostly anti-pattern thinking to whatever I had been taught over the course of school, college and first few years in the corporate world. However, it was only after a few months that I realized where the anti-patterns originate from. In this blog chronicle, spreading over almost 2 years, I discuss random ramblings, progress, shift in thinking’s, implementing Agile at two companies [with all the lovely learning curve for the teams and myself] and also coaching/ training/ facilitating at multiple organizations in India and abroad.

Learn More about Me:

Vikrama Dhiman – LinkedIn Profile

Vikrama Dhiman – The Trainer and Teacher

Vikrama Dhiman – The Social Network

Request a Training Proposal:

  • Send me a request at vickydhiman@yahoo.com if you are looking for a training for your organization.
  • I conduct these trainings on regular basis for organizations and groups across India:
  1. Introduction to Scrum
  2. Introduction to Agile
  3. People Management for New Managers
  4. Manager 2.0

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