Product Manager 2.0 – New Course I am Working On

I currently work as a Product Manager. My last job was a Product Manager. The one previous to that was a mix of Project Management and Business Analysis. I have been an Agile and Scrum fan for a very long time now 🙂

One area where enough coaching is not available is the role of Product Manager/ Product Owners in Scrum and Agile world. I am compiling a slide deck talking about this. I’ll also think of exercises, theory and examples.

Whatever conference comes up next, I’ll try and schedule this talk there!

Any links, examples – will help!


Here is what the outline looks like:

  • What is changing about the way products are developed? -> Internet times, Marketing changes, Hardware upgrades, Customer preferences, Increased competition
  • What is changing about the way products are supported and marketed? -> Social communities on the web, Instant gratification, Thought leadership
  • What is changing about the engineering teams? -> More involvement in product strategy and support, Better work-life balance, Increased communication demands, More informal structures
  • A bit about Agile and Scrum
  • What does a traditional Product Manager do?
  • What changes now?
  • How to gather requirements?
  • How to write requirements?
  • How to prioritize?
  • How to work with engineering teams and testers?
  • How to work with marketing, support, sales, PR?
  • How to work with senior management?
  • Skills required!

This is still a bit hazy. Let’s see how it develops 🙂

2 Responses to “Product Manager 2.0 – New Course I am Working On”

  1. Hi Vikrama,

    I am currently working on improving the communication between the Product Owners. For that I suggested a PO Daily where they would be able to update each other. We plan to do so every second day.

    Today was the first time and I couldn’t come up with adequate questions they should answer so the meeting doesn’t get out of hand and is valueable. It wasn’t bad, but there is still room for improvement.

    So my question, what things would you, as a experienced Product Manager/Product Owner, like to hear about?

    FYI Every PO has his own Team and Projects, which can interefere with each other. There are also consultants(responsible for current clients and new business, who eventually pass the new client to a PO) attending the PO daily.

    Thank you,


    • Wolfgang:

      Honored to see your comment on my blog.

      I am assuming that your PO daily is like Daily Scrum. Hence, its time boxed to around 15 mts or so. It is an interesting idea because most of the time PO sync ups are heavy duty formal meetings. I am thrilled to participate in this discussion and would like to learn what questions you are already asking.

      The communication between PO’s is required primarily to make sure the overall system is in sync in terms of consistency, functionality, time lines etc. As a Product Manager, the first thing I want to do is have my dev team work on items that are top priority and they are not working on something they should not be [I can reuse/ someone else is working now, so I can prioritize to reuse their stuff later] and their is minimum rework [hence, I know of any pitfalls/ problems areas/ standard mismatch – now!]. Also, insider information on what to know when working with some departments in the organization [like Lab/ IT Support etc.]. Based on this, my questions will be similar to Daily Scrum – but I’ll report on what I am doing as a PO as well as any product management lessons. So, something like:
      1. We will be working on this next – broad outline. Looking for comments/ suggestions/ ideas on reuse or standards or pitfalls
      2. We are working on this and next time you work on a similar feature/ this department, make sure you do this …

      Not sure, how much that helps. Just shooting in the dark from 30,000 feet. But, excited to shoot from closer range too. Will update this thread, if I find out something new!


      Vikrama Dhiman

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