How to Prioritize Requirements YouTube Video

I have written about how to prioritize before:

As Agile Product Managers, you are constantly prioritizing requirements to get higher value items out sooner. One approach I saw recently, seems very promising. Here is the video. Go ahead and watch it.

Basically, divide your requirements into four quadrants with Y-axis being Business Value and X-axis being Complexity. Hence, you would ideally do quadrant number 1 first and quadrant number 4 last. You can take a call between quadrant number 2 and quadrant number 3 – depending on what your current business strategy/ pull is. Simple. Do it over and over again and we will always provide higher value first.

3 Responses to “How to Prioritize Requirements YouTube Video”

  1. I agree that quadrant 4 is to be avoided but would submit an alternative to his thought that q1 is a no brainer. Yes you need to deliver value early and often but I like to incorporate q2 (high difficulty, high value) from the start to reduce technical risk. Maybe what I’m saying is that we never have the luxury of turning off our brains. 🙂

  2. I would say that I wont do anything till I can get it to Quadrant 1. Since, this is a dynamic chart, I will always err on the side of max. returns. Anything in other quadrants, just get it to quadrant 1 and there we go 🙂

  3. I would agree with Vikraman’s comment. Getting Quadrant1 should be of a priority and then other things on priority.

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