Project Manager to Agile Coach – The Journey

One of my favorite YouTube videos about transition the project managers have to make from being a project manager to Agile Coach is from Lyassa. Here are the videos if you have not seen them already:

Lyssa, compiles some excellent points from general beliefs and principles that most Agile Coaches adhere to, primarily:

  • Many things that contributed to my success as a PM are exactly the same things that spell doom for an Agile team – especially being the center of everything on the project : from communication to task allocation to tracking to being responsible for the outcomes of the team
  • I need to know how to foster collaboration by bringing on my skills as a good facilitator
  • Servant Leadership – Not only know but practice it religiously
  • Trust on the teams – Without this, you wont get a 10% of performance from a team

I will try and gorge on other material on the Internet for the same as this is an important topic to discuss.

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