Agile Adoption and Agile Coaching

Various authors have tried to analyze and present resources for Agile Adoption. Two of the recent ones are, Brad Appleton and Vikas Hazrati. As per a survey by Scott Ambler on Dr. Dobb, in 2008, 69% of some 600 respondents still are doing Agile. I don’t know whether to trust this number or not. 600 plus is just too small a sample size of the worldwide IT industry [its probably too small for even Silicon Valley]. InfoQ has actually concluded on the Scrum Adoption in China based on a survey of 05 people. Compared to this the Forrester Report on Agile Adoption seems better provided you assume that Forrester has on their client list a fair representation of IT industry. You can probably hazard a guess from Analysts Survey of Customer that found customers happy, that if customers are happy, the trend will grow. You have some niche groups like Agile Philly, which seem to suggest a lot of companies doing Agile in one area. You know that Scandinavian Countries are sold on Scrum. Further, back in November, 2005 Forrester Research has released the following report: Corporate IT Leads The Second Wave Of Agile Adoption, excerpt:

Agile software development processes are in use at 14% of North American and European enterprises, and another 19% of enterprises are either interested in adopting Agile or already planning to do so. Early adopters of Agile processes were primarily small high-tech product companies. But a second wave of adoption is now underway, with enterprise IT shops taking the lead. These shops are turning to Agile processes to cut time-to-market, improve quality, and strengthen their relationships with business stakeholders. But as awareness of Agile processes grows, so does confusion about what it really means to go Agile.

So overall, the growth seems nice, even if its not proven by a proper scientific study [or one that I am aware of]. However, what these reports conceal is that within the adoption itself you have to question how many of them are actually implementing Agile. Almost 80% of all the teams surveyed so far, have not passed even Level 1 of Nokia Test for Scrum. That tells me, there is a lot of talking, and little execution or if there is a widespread usage then its all in stealth mode [which I don’t think is true]. My own little experience also suggests that there is a lot of talk rather than walk the talk. There is also a lot of misconception and misinformation. I have conducted trainings for 03 MNC’s who have material out in public domain on Scrum and Agile in their organizations. In one large electronic firm, the managers were still giving the estimates, breaking down the tasks and Scrum Master was a team member too. In a large service based organization in India, the Scrum Master was in United States while the team was in India. In yet another large consulting and service organization, the task breakdown was done only by select members of the team. There is a lot of training and coaching happening but it seems like the coaches and trainers are just talking and not confronting the management or default culture or organizations [to not annoy them?] and the management are just conducting these trainings for the heck of it?

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