Resuming Sessions after Break

We are resuming the sessions for the third group after a break of over 4 months. The sessions were stopped in between because of number of reasons. Some of the reasons are:
a. Our focus and attention shifted to development of an Agile Project Management System for use internally
b. The key people got involved in other projects because of the exigencies at organization level
c. Some of the people were shuffled along

The teams are now settled. Our PMS project is also coming along well. Some members of the group have now begun to ask us to schedule the sessions again. It seems like a right time to schedule the sessions. There is just one slight issue that we are facing. Do we continue with the same group or mix and match to get a better combo which reflects the current realities of the organization better? If we do not do so, we would be holding ourselves hostage to niceties and safer option and if we do so, we might just demotivate people who are left out. Currently, it seems like the former option would be the way to go.

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