Agile Estimating – Part B

We have been trying a new technique over the last few weeks with regards to our estimates. Rather than get an expert comment on how long they think a project will take [in number of hours] we have been asking them to estimate specific activities in the project:

a. Business analysis – the scope of effort in a project is described and documented. This includes prototyping, wireframing, use cases, stories, backlogs and occasionally technical specification documents
b. Development – how many developers for how many months
c. QA – How many testers for how many months
d. Graphics designers – how many design elements/ design scope and how many designers for how many months
e. Project Manager – scope of the project/ timelines and per month time to spent by the PM

This has made our estimates go up by at least 80%. Of course most of our clients do not see the bright side of right estimation at present. We are trying to find the right kind of clients. Of course, we have yet to ask the question – is the right estimate how much time we think it will take us or how much time it should take us.

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