Progress Update – 02/24/2007

Its been a quiet 2 weeks on the Processes Front. We did not conduct the weekly training class and we also did not have any major discussion/ breakthrough. We have however had some disheartening developments – four of our key people have resigned and two have left – apparently attributing the reasons to lack of processes and defined roles. The worst part of this has been that these resignations have happened in the high performing teams. None of these resignations is directly related to the SCRUM process implementation as such. In fact none of the people who resigned have been involved in SCRUM trainings so far.

Apart from that one of our flag ship SCRUM projects is going to Beta this week. This is 15 days late than originally planned – however, compared to the other projects which have usually been months late, its still some achievement. We are also looking to complete another of our projects by March end. We are having difficulty introducing all the SCRUM related aspects in the project so far. That is primarily because I am not being able to spend devoted time with the teams on the projects. Next week we will try and adhere to Agile values and principles and framework strictly. We have had a new Project Lead who is probably not trained much in Agile project management. We now need to factor in how we would be able to bring him up to speed as well.

There are some good signs as well. There have been projects where very good backlogs have been created without my involvement. The projects have been put into practice/ development life cycle as soon as they have got approved. Also, the general happiness quotient in the people involved in SCRUM projects has sustained so far.

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