Next Group 2 – Session I

This was a group we were waiting to conduct SCRUM sessions for. It was truly a wide represetation of the organizations culture and work force – graphics designers, quality people, developers, analysts – freshers, experienced, mid-career.

We started the session discussing participants expectations from the session. We then introduced them to the ideas of agile principles, empirical process control – visibility, inspection, adaptation and then introduced the SCRUM framework – SCRUM roles, ceremonies and artifacts. We made a few changes in conducting the session this time around. Each session there is a check list that all participants identify for themselves that they would go back and try and implement. The over-riding theme of the session was the participants would like to become more organized. Most of the participants opted that making a list of things that they need to focus on would be their first initiative along with trying to understand the why behind the client feedback/ participation.

These sessions are challenging from another perspective as well. Most of the participants are not terribly convinced about SCRUM and Agile. The feedback of the first session was “focussed on basics”, “we felt energized after the session”, “we have to feel more responsible”. It would be interesting exploring how do we go further.

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