Random Thoughts IV

The Journey from No Style Project Management to Agile Thinking and Principles is now in gear two if not three.

We are out of gentle introduction to Agile and debating real team issues. From clients who don’t yet get it [ones who don’t respond for weeks at a stretch, to ones who are prioritizing things left, right, center], to team members who are not willing to walk the extra mile to other teams who are feeling left behind. There are teams who have a grin when they say – “we told you so”. There are teams who are being exposed for their lack of effort, initiative in using software to solve the customer’s problems.

However, there are some successes as well. Every project has a plan defined upfront and the teams are trying to keep this process dynamic. There is a team which allows the team members every Saturday to experiment for half day. The team outings, fun quotient and making people count have become buzz words. From having no second string to take control, we have quite a few contenders for the next responsibilities in the organization. Teams are meeting and discussing ways to improve. Project visibility has increased and activities like monthly managers SCRUM to discuss issues like new organization wide processes are increasingly regular.

We are in exciting times. The problem though, is that the SCRUM initiative is still one persons belief. I myself find it hard to take the crap and attitude form some people. Motivation to concentrate on only the cooperating teams and people is high. Let’s see how this journey unfolds.

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