Sessions Restructured Again

We restructued the sessions in the week ending Jan 20, 2007. All the dot.Net resources were in one group. The other group has been disbanded for now. The overall group energy was not working and we have to think of a way to get some positive energy in that group. Also, the first group now comprises of participants who have taken the SCRUM axion – Art of the possible back to their teams and implemented some aspects of Agile practices in their teams. The group that we discontinued [at the moment] could not implement the same due to number of reasons.

There was an interesting technology paradigm to the success of participants as well. The teams which did well with SCRUM over last few months were all dot.Net teams. The PHP teams were not as successful. In fact there are murmurs of developers wanting to shift teams because the other teams are more dynamic, energetic and buzzing.

However, the other group has not been abandoned. We are trying to regroup, try other strategies and motivating them to implement SCRUM/ Agile. Its only when there would be certain critical momentum in the direction, we would make any headway. Our efforts are to get that going now.


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