Next Group – Session V

The session was conducted on a new day the week ending Jan 19th, 2007. It was Wednesday. We had sent a holler much in advance. However, it was amusing to see that lots of people still managed to reach the training venue either Tuesday or Thursday [we combined participants from two groups into one]. It just goes to show the great value [and disadvantage] of rhythm and cyclic activity.

The session this week was “Unit Testing – with code snippets from C#”. The group listened patiently as we discussed Text Fixtures, Test Harness, Test Set Up, Test Tear Down methods and how nUnit is perfect for Business Layer. In terms of impact, this one would be the least effective session ever. The group said that they had already covered this in the alst session and were not convinced if in their hectic schedules they would be able to incorporate nUnit in their set up. All of them were almost convinced that this would make the development activity longer.

We had to try and convince them to try this for the 20% code that was most critical for the project. It would take some more convincing before this results in any useful activity. We will follow up on this later.


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