Next Group – SCRUM Session III

The third session for the second group was heavy in theory and discussion. There were no practical exercises which the group completed. Rather, we had discussion on the role of Product Owner and SCRUM Master. It was a wonderful moment when noe hour into the theory – the group suddenly came up with a suggestion to identify the Product Owner and SCRUM Master in our context. What followed were understanding of the principles of Agile and SCRUM. The team went ahead to identify the issues they face in their projects. The team was airing issues and hoping that someone else will solve these problems. When this was brought out that it was for the team to solve these problems – most of them did not get how to solve these issues. But thats what the paradox is – the teams have to identify the issues they are facing and how they are going to solve them. The teams seem to be on their way. Almost all the teams working on the project are tracking their requirements and working in fixed sprint lengths. Lets check if the teams are documenting any obstacles that they are facing as well.

Alas sometimes more the things change, more they remain the same. We only have 3 people responding to our poll so far. Lets see if we can get more people to respond to the feedback next week.

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