Next Group – SCRUM Session II

This week we conducted the second session for the second batch. The organizational disfunction was illustrated at its best in the arrangement for the sessions. Three developers turned up 15 minutes late and worse of all we had to conduct the session without a projector. It seems that the department projector was in the cabin of an employee who was on leave. Hence, we had to make use of white board. However, this seemed to a blessing in disguise. We turned the session into a conversational one. We picked up a project which two participants were working on and constructed the project and sprint backlogs for that. We used the session to get the participants to work like a team and come up with something useful. We ended the session with the team promising to get the backlogs going for their teams and projects. We seem to be making some progress.

Another heartening aspect of the session was that the group has started to take interest and participate. We hope that the sessions also empower the participants to think and articulate regarding the obstacles and innovative solutions to overcome these.

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