Random Thoughts – III

SCRUM empowers people.
SCRUM provides visibility.
SCRUM exposes people.

How do you handle all this?

We have already had problems where we identified one project manager as being the bottleneck in getting the team to an optimum level. We are staring at another project manager who has his ideas and thinking in old style management – control and direct. Two-three developers who work in his team are feeling a little restless because of the expectations that the sessions bring on them and the expectations of their reporting authority. The typical knee jerk reaction is to fire or move and shuffle teams. However, what is delaying this is probably because finding experienced project managers is very difficult. And finding experienced project managers who want to turn Agile is even more difficult. We are trying to convert project managers through trainings and hand holding. However, the jury is still out on this. Any process change does provide for lot of churning – however, we would try and keep this churning to churning of mindsets and not people.

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