Skills Session – Communication

Last week was quite eventful. One of our main concerns in Agile Implementation is that is a ground up and gradual process. Our belief is that this not only involves exposure to Agile values and thinking but also to best engineering and management practices. All the team needs to be aware of the technical challenges which the projects face [rather than just the team leads/ architects] and the whole team must participate in the design sessions and decisions. Hence, we were thinking of organizing the next few sessions through one of our most experienced Project Managers which would expose developers/ senior developers to what “done” actually means from management/ customer perspective. This was an important hindrance which almost every layer of the organization had identified – the definition of “done” was very weak and the understanding of “done” across the team was very different. Last week we were not able to organize the session [the Project Manager was not able to take out time]. This story repeated again this week and the Project Manager again was not able to take out time. I am not sure if the belief is that these sessions are not important or according to the priorities, they are not as important. However, we were determined to ensure that the sessions should not have any break. We were able to contact another of our senior project managers to tackle another aspect which we were keen to get started with – exposure to different skills, whose requirement is even more pronounced in an Agile framework – Communication, Team Building and Relationships. And luckily for us, not only was the Project Manager more than adjusting but seemed very excited about the idea.

As per the feedback available with us, the session was very well received. There were some observations that the session was all theory rather than some games/ discussion – but we are sure that the first session is always the one which lays the foundation. We are confident that the next sessions would be more interesting. The next session is on “Team Building” and I would myself like to be a part of this session.

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