SCRUM Session V Feedback

Some interesting things happened over the past week. One of the senior most project managers could not start her sessions on “Technical Issues: Identification and Handling Bugs/ Enhancement”. She was taking care of bugs/ enhancements created by some other team and hence, could not find time to focus on her session activity. We were taken back momentarily. However, we understood that we had an opportunity available with us. This opportunity was as to streamline and get the people who had been left behind in the last week’s session to catch up. Hence, I spruced up the presentation on “The Team” and presented it again to the batch that had been identified. In hindsight it seems it was a good thing to do.

There were 05 participants this time around. One was absent [injury], another has since resigned from his position in the organization and another was not particularly interested it seems. Anyways, we had 05 participants and we had some interesting discussions on “Engineering and Management practices of SCRUM teams”. The profile of the group was as follows: two dot.Net developers, one Cold Fusion developer and two PHP developers. PHP developers were beginning to use MySQL and had queries regarding use of stored procedures. One of the dot.Net developer was able to clarify aspects of best engineering practices in use of stored procedures. We had a lively discussion on “units”, “code reusability” and “refactoring”. After getting the team to understand the beauty of best engineering practices, we slowly introduced them to the management principles again and this time around the reception was more positive. The team seems to have enjoyed the session. The feedback was as follows:

The team asked me why has a promised meeting between the team and CEO/ CTO not been organized as yet. It was just the spurt that we wanted. The meeting was planned and scheduled for the day after.

What is it that I am carrying forward from the session: Overall we were successful. We wanted to build a solid second foundation for the organziation and we are on the path to do this. We have helped catalyze a movement where this group can help us identify best practices in engineering and management. It would be good to see how do we go from here.

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