SCRUM Training Session II

The second session of the SCRUM training session was a lot more eventful. The team was responding and it seems they are now beginning to participate. The session was called “SCRUM XPlored”. We reviewed the case studies of various organizations like MetaEco, MegaEnergy, Service 1st, MegaBank – all from Ken’s book. Rather than give a view of what these organizations did, we asked the team to identify what would they have done in such scenarios. At the end of the session there was a assignment given to four groups to come up with a product backlog and the first sprint backlog for a “Social networking website based on Sudoku”. The idea came from a similar project which went horribly wrong in the organization. Just wanted to see how does the team come up with their own version of the Backlog and if they can prioritize the work. Also, critically to see if they understand what delivering critical functionality at the end of the first sprint implies. The response to the session seemed to be rather good as indicated by the poll below:

Feedback Rating ImageNow our big challenge is how to incorporate working in a team into the next sessions. There are various ideas like asking the team to come up with the solution. First thing we would like the team to learn visibility. We would come with inspection and adaptation next.

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