Implementing SCRUM – Part A [Focus]

SCRUM is about discipline. As much as I try to infuse discipline, I am not able to do this.

We have two projects, where we want to implement SCRUM – both very large and prestigious projects. One of the projects is being billed as MySpace for Automobile enthusiasts while the second is MySpace + Flickr + Youtube, all rolled into one. Both the projects are facing burden of false no-process/ waterfall method start. Both the projects were almost at crisis stage, before SCRUM [or its very mild version] was introduced in the projects. One of the team is more receptive to ideas and although we are doing user stories/ test cases for this project.

“I” think we need to revisit these ideals and do the sprint. “I” think we can/ will start with the sprint for the second project because the team seems receptive and the factors seems to be in “my” control. For starters: developers are full time on the project, designers are excited and QA not needed [we are all test crazy freaks on the project]. Just the ideal environment. Now let us just crank up a product backlog and check what items are done and what not. And take it from there on what we will deliver this week.

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