SCRUM Training Session I

The first training for a batch of 08 resources – 07 developers and 01 graphics designer was held on 7th November 2006. The session focussed on SCRUM basics and was based on Ken’s first chapter of Agile Project Management with SCRUM. A brief overview of traditional project management frameworks/ methodologies was provided and it was explained how SCRUM/ Agile is different.

The team did not ask a lot of questions – which was a danger sign. They were most receptive when terms like Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Tracking were mentioned. It seems that the team is looking for some quick fix solutions rather than understanding of how to self organize and adapt. Lets see what can be done to change the mindset for the training.

At the end of the session, the team was asked to make a presentation on “How would they implement SCRUM in the organization”. The team was left alone to manage its work as per following schedule:

1. Product Backlog – 3 minutes
2. Sprint Backlog – 3 minutes
3. First Day – 5 minutes
4. Daily SCRUM – 3 minutes
5. Second Day – 5 minutes
6. Daily SCRUM – 3 minutes
7. Third Day – 5 minutes
8. Sprint Demo – 2 minutes
9. Sprint Retrospective – 3 minutes

The team chose a SCRUM Master who was busy directing the people rather than the SCRUM process and the team found it difficult to self organize. In between we threw in HR to interrupt, turn off the electric supplies to simulate real world problems. It was the first attempt but they still found out how regular feedback helped them achieve something. We will continue with such games in the next Sprint as well.

At the end, we took general feedback [07 members responded] from the team on the SCRUM session on two questions:

1. How would they rate the session overall?

2. What would they like to see more in the second session?

And point noted: more case studies/ discussions and exercises.

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